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Chemical Peels in Hurricane, Utah

Renew your look with our specialized peels

Non-invasive skincare solutions

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At Chelle Health & MedSpa in Hurricane Chemical Peels are offered as a non-invasive solution to various skin-related problems, peeling away the outer dermal layers to reveal healthier skin underneath.

Our medical-grade formulas effectively address signs of aging, acne, hyperpigmentation, and dullness with short treatment and minimal downtime compared with other procedures. With skilled application from our experienced specialists, you can watch your concerns fall away as brighter, smoother, healthier skin emerges. You can rejuvenate, clarify, brighten, and ultimately renew your look with this short, non-invasive treatment at our Hurricane Medspa. Our practice offers a variety of specially-formulated chemical peels in Hurricane, Utah.

How do chemical peels work?

Chemical peels cause controlled damage to the outermost layers of skin with carefully formulated acidic formulas, stimulating the body’s natural repair to replace dull, wrinkled, discolored, or acne-troubled skin with a refreshed complexion. This non-invasive treatment can effectively target specific areas of concern depending on the chemicals used and their potency. We strive to provide you with the best chemical peel treatments Hurricane has to offer, and as a result, patients of all ages can benefit from this versatile, non-surgical procedure.

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Our Menu of Specialized Chemical Peels

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Chelle Elite Peel

The Chelle Elite Peel is a 60-minute anti-aging chemical peel treatment that effectively smooths fine lines and wrinkles and enhances your skin’s elasticity. This peel includes:

  • A double cleanse
  • Skin prep
  • Two to four passes of customized anti-aging peel solution
  • A depth boost (depending on your specific needs)
  • Recovery balm.

Chelle Acne Peel

Our Chelle Acne Peel targets acne for a clarifying effect, improving the skin’s appearance and texture. It also takes 60 minutes to perform and includes:

  • A double cleanse
  • Skin prep
  • Blue light therapy
  • Two to four passes of your customized acne peel solution
  • Recovery balm

Chelle Hyperpigmentation Peel

The Chelle Hyperpigmentation Peel targets dark spots, discoloration, and melasma due to sun damage and excess melanin deposits in the skin. This 60-minute treatment includes:

  • A double cleanse
  • Skin prep
  • Three to four passes of your personalized hyperpigmentation peel solution
  • Recovery balm

Chelle Lunchtime Peel

Our Chelle Lunchtime Peel is the ideal chemical peel treatment for patients who would like to enjoy a shorter treatment with minimal recovery. This treatment takes 45 minutes and includes:

  • A double cleanse
  • Skin prep
  • Three to four passes of your customized brightening solution
  • Recovery balm

What are the benefits?

Chemical peels and you

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As medical-grade Chemical Peels invariably replace damaged skin, they produce all-around improvements to the condition of treated skin.

However, they also offer focused treatment for specific areas of concern. Our chemical peel menu at Chelle Health & MedSpa offers treatment formulas designed to target fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, acne, pigmentation issues, and dull skin. Chemical Peels are customizable to ensure that you always receive the right peel for your skin’s needs, and ultimately the best results.

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The recovery time associated with each chemical peel treatment varies according to its depth (or potency) and the amount of time it is allowed to sit on the skin.

Recovery following our 45-minute lunchtime peel can take about one week and may include mild redness and swelling, while our 60-minute treatments may involve a recovery time of about two weeks. As our longer chemical peel treatments penetrate deeper, you may experience more significant swelling and redness. Peeling or flaking following your chemical peel treatment may last up to two weeks. It is also worth noting that the deeper your chemical peel, the more significant your results will be. If needed, you may apply a soothing ointment or take over-the-counter medication to alleviate discomfort during your recovery. You should avoid sun exposure and applying makeup until your skin is healed to prevent damage to your freshly exposed skin.


Brighter, smoother, healthier skin

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Your chemical peel results will appear as soon as your skin heals. However, some patients may experience lingering redness. Depending on the objective of your treatment, you can expect to realize clearer, brighter, smoother, rejuvenated skin. While a light chemical peel produces results that last one to two months, the results of our deeper peel treatments can last up to six months.

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Chemical Peels Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the risks and side effects?

Risks associated with chemical peels include infection, scarring, discoloration, and cold sore outbreaks in patients with the herpes simplex virus. Some patients may be at greater risk of complications, so it’s important to discuss your medical history with your provider prior to treatment.

Who is a candidate for Chemical Peels?

Most patients with concerns about the appearance of aging, acne, or discoloration in their face are candidates for chemical peels. However, certain conditions may disqualify some patients or increase their risks. Your treatment provider can help determine whether you are a candidate for a chemical peel or if another approach might be more appropriate for your needs.

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